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Option Advisor
Should I Join Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor Newsletter?
Whether you are an experienced trader or brand new to the highly rewarding world of equity options and directional trading, Bernie Schaeffer‘s Option Advisor is sure to add value to your trading portfolio. The Option Advisor newsletter is not only aimed to provide easy-to-implement and profitable trade recommendations, but we also aim to share knowledge from the professionals, which Bernie Schaeffer gathered during his 40 years of trading experience.
Investor targeting maximum stock value
Is Bernie Schaeffer the best options trading publisher?
Since the inception of options trading in 1973, options have been an incredibly lucrative trading instrument lauded by financial experts all over the globe. Demanding in-depth knowledge and expertise in financial analysis, options trading was originally expected to be comparable to printing money, but options trading was originally reserved for only institutional traders.
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What does “price within range of the current market asked price” mean?
Customers will find this wording in their weekend newsletter trade recommendations. This includes Weekend Trader, Weekend Alert, and Weekend Player.
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What is the difference between a Schaeffer's alert service vs. a bulletin?
All Schaeffer’s trading recommendations are delivered via email and/or text message to our subscribers. A Schaeffer’s real-time alert service publishes recommendations on any given day at any time during market hours.
Bernie Schaeffer
Who is Bernie Schaeffer?
Bernie Schaeffer is the most well-known options guru in the world
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What is a Maximum Entry Price (MEP) and how do I use one?
When analyzing an option opportunity, an investor should calculate the maximum price that he or she is willing to pay for the option.
Daily Bulletin
How Does Bernie Schaeffer Identify His Stock Picks?
The cornerstone of Bernie’s unique analytical approach that underlies the picks in Schaeffer’s Daily Bulletin is what we call Expectational Analysis®, a methodology that analyzes technical and fundamental factors within the context of market sentiment. The key to this approach is accurately gauging investor expectations through various sentiment indicators.
Option Advisor
Why Should I Use Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor?
Whether you are an experienced trader or brand new to the exciting world of options and directional trading, we are here to enhance your knowledge and help you navigate through an increasingly complex variety of trading strategies. Bernie Schaeffer’s Option Advisor -- which is published monthly, with regular updates in your account online -- will support you with education and carefully curated trades.
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Can you tell me more about Weekend Player?
One of the allures of options trading is the prospect of generating large profits in a relatively short period of time. Just as the home run generates huge excitement in baseball, the thrill of profits of 200% or more attracts many traders to the options market.
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Six Things You Must Know About Weekend Player
We are always looking for opportunities that can make you money while reducing risk. As a result, exceptions may occur to the following rules of thumb, if we assess that there is benefit to you as a subscriber to Bernie Schaeffer's Weekend Player.
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What Rules Must I Follow with Weekend Player?
You Will Generally Have Two Days to Get into Each Trade. Each Schaeffer's Weekend Player recommendation will be delivered to you by email by 7 P.
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What is the Methodology Behind Weekend Player?
Schaeffer's Weekend Player is a program for those who prefer to do most of the market research underlying their trading decisions on the weekends. The trade information is provided before the beginning of each week, which allows the subscriber to digest and evaluate the trade drivers before the trading week begins.
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How Can I Change My SchaeffersResearch.com Username and/or Password?
Easy! Log into your account here at https://myaccount.

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