Trader watching trading screens
How Much Is the Dow Worth in Alternative Assets?
A look at how stocks have performed in assets other than dollars
Investor with bullish 2020 to 2021 trendline
The SPX Just Did This for the Fourth Time Since 1929
Could there be a pattern to years ending in the number one?
Investor looking at giant chart
What to Expect After the Nasdaq 100 Rebalancing
Comparing newly added stocks to removed stocks on the NDX
Investor pointing to price action chart
How to Profit on Tax-Based Short-Covering Rallies in 2021
Breaking down some short-term trade ideas for early 2021
Wall Street sign black and white financial district
What to Expect After Landing a Huge IPO Return
Investing in IPOs come with certain risks
Trading Floor Opening Bell Closing Bell
Breaking Down SPX Performance in the Second Half of December
December is, historically, one of the best months of 2020 for the S&P 500
Green screen of tickers and prices
How the Dow Performs After Crossing These Key Intervals
The biggest headline in the investing world last week was the Dow surpassing the 30,000 level
Grocery store stocks and analysis
Using the Black Friday Indicator to Read the Market
Black Friday has been an excellent indicator for the following three months
Stock Market is closed on Thanksgiving
25 Stocks to Target During Thanksgiving Week
Over the past fifty years, the upcoming Thanksgiving week has tended to be bullish
The election and its impact on the US stock market
Stocks to Watch After Monday's Wild Breakout
Looking at stocks after a polarizing day
Wall Street building with American flag New York City
7 Stocks With Massive Short Covering Potential
A historical analysis of SPX's short interest and its implications for stocks
U.S. Election and impact on the U.S. stock market
Breaking Down Historic Market Performance Around Election Day
An in-depth look at how the market has performed leading up to, and after, Election Day

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