Best Stocks for Straddle Trades
Cigarette stocks have been among the best option plays lately
Has the S&P Rallied Too Far, Too Fast?
This rare signal suggests otherwise
This S&P Signal Just Flashed for the Fourth Time Ever
The current bull market rally turns 10 years old this week
What the S&P's Fast Start to 2019 Could Mean for Stocks
The S&P is pacing toward its fifth 10%+ two-month gain since 1950
What to Make of Rising Analyst Buy Ratings
The percentage of "buy" ratings on SPX stocks just surpassed the 2014 peak
What the VIX's 4-Month Streak Means for Stocks
The VIX tends to move higher after it first breaks below 15
Don't Fear an Overbought Stock Market Yet
Digging into the RSI for the S&P 500
Popular Stock Market Indicator Calls For February Rally
A closer look at January returns could be a bullish sign
The Real Value of the Super Bowl Indicator
Traders can still take something away from the random indicator
Why Year 3 of Trump Could Be Bullish
It's common knowledge that the third year of a presidential cycle has been bullish
Rare Sentiment Signal Could Mark Buying Opportunity
The signal has preceded solid gains for the S&P, historically
How to Trade New Nasdaq-100 Stocks In 2019
The NDX just underwent its annual rebalance, with six companies removed from the list and six companies added

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