Profit from Low Volatility Using Options
3 things to remember about the iron condor options strategy
How Fibonacci Retracements Can Identify Support And Resistance
The 'golden ratio' plays an important role in both stock analysis and nature
How Options Liquidity Impacts Trading
Options with a narrow bid-ask spread are more liquid
Understanding In-, At-, and Out-of-the-Money Options
The pros and cons of buying ITM, ATM, and OOTM calls and puts
How To Use Options To Mimic Risks, Rewards of Buying Stocks
The synthetic long options strategy enables traders to rake in unlimited profits at a relatively low entry cost
The F.A.R. Filter to Identify Option Buying Opportunities
Time is the enemy of the options buyer
Market Orders vs. Limit Orders: Which Should You Use?
Savvy traders know when to place a market order and when to make use of a limit order
2 Volatility Tools We Use to Find Prime Option-Buying Opportunities
Don't make the mistake of overpaying for implied volatility
A Rare Options Trade on This Big-Cap ETF
Options trading is typically light on the iShares MSCI ACWI ETF

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