Trader holding chart
Understanding the Basics of Fibonacci Retracements
The key Fibonacci percentages help traders identify support and resistance levels
Today’s Earnings Announcements on NASDAQ and NYSE companies
Earnings Season Is Here, but What Exactly Are Quarterly Reports?
Earnings season is upon us, and there's plenty of ways to profit
wall street bear statue for a bearish market and bearish options traders
Understanding the Difference Between Short and Long Puts
Short puts can offer a quick buck, while long puts offer unlimited potential
When volatility is low, you go
Different Concepts of Volatility in Options Trading
Implied and historic volatility are both noteworthy
Hedge your bets in the market
Understanding the Basics of Option Hedging
Hedging allows traders to limit potential risk
Stock Market Calendar and Earnings Events
How Weekly Options Trading Differs from Monthly
Weekly options allow traders to capitalize on short-term news
Wall Street New York City New York Stock Exchange black and white
Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Options
What does it mean to focus on singular time frames when trading stocks?
wall street bear statue for a bearish market and bearish options traders
What You Need to Know About Short Interest
Short interest measures the level of pessimism toward a certain stock
A bear market or a bull market?
Unraveling the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pairs Trading
There are three different ways to win on a pairs trade
Manage your emotions in bull market, stock market bull traders
Differentiating Call vs. Long Call Options
Long calls offer unlimited reward, while calls offer bargain prices and limited risk
Solar panels and alternative energy
Options Traders Target Solar Sector
SEDG and SPWR stocks are making double-digit percentage moves
Bull sculpture on Wall Street
Options Traders Play the MCK, SPCE, and LYFT Stock Rallies
The shares of MCK, SPCE, and LYFT are gaining today

What This Election Year Means for Stocks

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