3 Sectors That Throw Doubt on the Breakout
A deep dive into spring seasonality tells us what to expect through the end of April
Stocks and the Danger of Saying "This Time is Different"
If Friday's close marks a meaningful low, it could be an entry point for bulls
The Case for Taking Out S&P 2,800
This formidable S&P price point may have just flipped the supply-demand equation back in the bears' favor
Bullish Technicians Might Be the Minority
Bullish breadth is drawing headlines, but Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley sound downright bearish
How to Trade Cheap Gold Options Right Now
Delta-hedge buying likely helped to fuel the stock market's expiration-week rally
Potential Buying Opportunity as Deep Pockets Return to Stocks
We finally saw positive North American inflows into equities last week
Defining the Risk to Long-Term Investors
Newly released CoT data shows VIX futures players went net long at just the wrong time
The VIX Moving Average to Watch Right Now
Don't underestimate the significance of the S&P's 80-week test, either
Retail Investor Bear Extreme is Short-Term S&P Bull Signal
What to expect as the rebound rally carries the S&P 500 Index toward overbought status
How Hedge Funds Could Drive S&P Gains
Many new shorts are now in a losing position, which might generate covering
The S&P Level Where Traders Might Take Profits
The V-rally needs to take out 2,580 before we'll take it seriously
Why Bulls Aren't Out of the Woods Yet
The market's bear market status is debatable, but support at the 160-week isn't

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