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Since the inception of options trading in 1973, options have been an incredibly lucrative trading instrument lauded by financial experts all over the globe. Demanding in-depth knowledge and expertise in financial analysis, options trading was originally expected to be comparable to printing money, but options trading was originally reserved for only institutional traders. That was a problem. To bridge this gap and enable retail traders to equally (or better!) benefit from options trading opportunities, Bernie Schaeffer launched one of first-ever options trading newsletters, The Option Advisor, in 1981 as he simultaneously launched his small business, Schaeffer's Investment Research.

Being a globally renowned options trading expert, Bernie Schaeffer has been successful in educating hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide about the power of options trading. Bernie Schaeffer launched the most well-known and longest-running options newsletter which has been providing profit-seeking opportunities for its loyal subscribers for nearly 40 years now. Through this journey, Bernie Schaeffer has won for many prestigious awards and gotten global recognition for his incredible volume of contributions to the equity options industry.

Bernie Schaeffer's Path to Founding
Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc.

In 1981, Bernie Schaeffer moved to Cincinnati, OH from New York City and continued working as an actuary for Great American Insurance. Even though he was enjoying the challenges of his role, he found his passion in trading the stock market.

During his time following the stock market as a hobby, Bernie Schaeffer introduced himself to the up and coming options market. The equity options marketed was an unexplored and undervalued industry at that time. Mr. Schaeffer was immediately fascinated with the opportunities in the options market, and dove head first into exploring options.

The options market was still very young at the time and a lot less people on Main Street understood how it worked. That is when Bernie Schaeffer saw the potential and quickly decided to pursue options trading. He quickly realized that there were practically no trading newsletters offering opportunities to profit from options market, and he understood the pressing need for this. Both retail and professional traders alike should be able to profit in the equity options market.

In order to fulfill this mission to enable individual traders, as well as professional traders, to profit in the options market, Bernie set out to publish the world's first options-centric newsletter for retail traders, and Schaeffer's Investment Research began to take shape.

Meet Bernie Schaeffer, the Options Expert
Behind Schaeffer's Investment Research

Bernie Schaeffer, as the founder and CEO of Schaeffer’s Investment Research, has made a name for himself in the stock markets and financial publications alike with his educational efforts and his highly profitable trading techniques employed in his options trading newsletters, especially The Option Advisor.

Bernie and his highly regarded team of expert traders are regularly featured by major media outlets for their unique and insightful approach to stocks. They have regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, and PBS’ Nightly Business Report. Schaeffer's traders are also frequently quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Associated Press, Thomson Reuters, and Yahoo! Finance.

For his irreplaceable contributions to the equity options industry, Bernie Schaeffer has been presented with numerous recognitions over the years. These awards include being the recipient of the Traders’ Library “Trader’s Hall of Fame” award, the recipient of the Market Technician’s Association “Best of the Best” award, consistently ranked among the top 10 market timers by Timer Digest, the three-time winner of the Wall Street Journal stock picking contest, and being named “Guru of the Year” by TheStreet.

With such highly regarded credentials and approximately 40 years of options-focused industry experience, Bernie Schaeffer is proven in his efforts to add value in the lives of traders. Take advantage of the many benefits of trading with Bernie Schaeffer by subscribing to one of his many options trading recommendation services.

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