What is the Methodology Behind Weekend Player?

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Schaeffer's Weekend Player is a program for those who prefer to do most of the market research underlying their trading decisions on the weekends. The trade information is provided before the beginning of each week, which allows the subscriber to digest and evaluate the trade drivers before the trading week begins. Each trade will be released via e-mail at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday evening.

Each recommendation from Schaeffer's Weekend Player is packaged in a way that is easy to understand and is simple for you to follow. The service gives you everything you need to know in order to place a trade, including the recommendation, the ticker symbol of the stock, complete exit parameters and trade drivers.

Schaeffer's Weekend Player will focus on the purchase of options with three to six months of shelf life, which will allow subscribers to take full advantage of big trends that have the potential to produce huge profits if the price action plays out as expected. The service will generally provide you with one new option buying idea (or, on occasion, two) every weekend, with the goal of targeting aggressive profits of 200% or more on call trades and 100% or more on puts.

One potential event that traders should be aware of is a gap higher or lower on the open at the start of the week. News released over the weekend by the company or broad-market news could cause the shares to move sharply at the open, increasing the option premium above a desirable entry price. In this event, we recommend that traders not enter the position as the pricing is no longer optimal. Traders should wait for the next week's Schaeffer's Weekend Player options trade recommendations.

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