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Introducing Real Time Text-Alerts

Please note: We recommend that you continue to check the email account tied to your Schaeffer's subscription, as well as your online My Account portal at, to review and confirm all necessary trade information PRIOR to placing each trade.

Before you get started with this exciting new feature, please check out our online Text Alert Service FAQ.  If at any time you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service department by calling +1-800-448-2080 or by emailing

Service Codes and Abbreviations

Each trade notification you receive from Schaeffer's Text Alert Service will begin with one of the listed service codes. This will allow you to determine which trading program each recommendation is associated with, for those with multiple subscriptions.

If you don't see your Schaeffer's subscription listed or if you have any other questions, please contact Customer Service +1-800-448-2080 or




  • Event Trader - EVENT
  • Hedge Hunter - HEDGE
  • Leverage - LEV
  • Options Under $5 - STOCKSU
  • Overnight Trader - ONT
  • Players - PLAY
  • PowerTrend - POWERT
  • Premium Trader - CHEX
  • Volatility Trader - VT
  • Wealthbuilder - WB
  • Weekly Options Trader - SWOT
  • Weekly Volatility Trader - WVT


MEP (Maximum or Minimum Entry Price)

For "buy (to open)" option recommendations, MEP should be understood as "Maximum Entry Price." This MEP is the highest price you should pay for each option recommendation, in order to ensure your risk/reward profile and profitability align with our official targets.

For "sell (to open)" option recommendations, MEP refers to the "Minimum Entry Price" a seller should accept upon entering the trade.



Schaeffer's | TEXTfaq

Getting Started with Schaeffer's Text Alert Service

How do I sign up for Schaeffer's text alerts?

You can enroll by contacting your account representative or Schaeffer's Customer Service at 1-800-448-2080 or  You should receive an initial text message from us confirming your enrollment within a few minutes.


Is there an additional fee for text message alerts?

Schaeffer's provides text message alerts to all real-time alert service subscribers free of charge. However, there may be charges from your mobile service provider. Please read and review our full Messaging Terms of Service.


Which Schaeffer's services are eligible for text alerts?

We offer text notifications on all of our real-time alert services (those that open new positions and issue closeouts throughout the trading day). Text notification is not available for our daily, weekly, and monthly bulletin services (those which are delivered on a regular schedule, often outside of regular market hours). You can determine which type of subscription you have by checking to see whether a product is listed under Alert Services or Bulletin Services on your My Account portal.


Can I choose which subscriptions I'd to receive text alerts for?

Once you enroll, you will begin to receive text message alerts for all real-time alert services you're currently subscribed to. At this time, it is not possible to opt into and out of text alerts for your various subscriptions individually.


Will I still receive emailed recommendations?

Yes. Each trade recommendation, complete with a link to the trader's detailed notes, will still be sent to the primary email address linked to your Schaeffer's account. Trades will also still be posted to the My Account portal as usual.

Please note: We advise that you consult the full online version of each trade recommendation BEFORE entering a new position.


Can I opt out of email and just receive text alerts?

At this time, no. In order to ensure quick and easy access to the full trade details as soon as they're released, we will continue to send the usual email alerts to all text service subscribers.


How do I opt out of Schaeffer's Text Alert Service?

You may opt out by replying to any text sent by Schaeffer's with the word "STOP".  Additionally, you may contact Schaeffer's Customer Service (1-800-448-2080 or to discontinue enrollment.


Trading with Schaeffer's Text Alert Service

 What type of orders should I place?

Each new recommendation received via text should be placed as a day-limit order. This ensures your ability to enter the trade only during the optimal entry window and for the optimal price to achieve our preferred risk/reward profile and targeted profit levels.


Where can I get more information about each trade?

You can view more information about each trade, including the detailed notes and charts compiled by our research team, by clicking the link in your emailed recommendation, or by visiting My Account and clicking on the Alert Services tab. We recommend you review these materials thoroughly before acting on any text notifications.


What should I do if I have a question about a trade recommendation sent via text?

If you have questions or concerns after reviewing the full trade recommendation posted online, we recommend that you contact Schaeffer's Customer Service (1-800-448-2080 or for further assistance.


I have multiple Schaeffer's subscriptions. How do I know which service the trade is attached to?

Each text alert will be tagged with a service code to notate which subscription product it's tied to. Please see our Service Codes and Abbreviations for the complete listing.


What does MEP stand for?

For an option buying recommendation, MEP stands for Maximum Entry Price. For an option selling recommendation, MEP stands for Minimum Entry Price. Please see Service Codes and Abbreviations for more information.




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