Why Should I Use Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor?

Option Advisor

Whether you are an experienced trader or brand new to the exciting world of options and directional trading, we are here to enhance your knowledge and help you navigate through an increasingly complex variety of trading strategies. Bernie Schaeffer’s Option Advisor -- which is published monthly, with regular updates in your account online -- will support you with education and carefully curated trades.

You will be in excellent company when you join Schaeffer's Investment Research's Option Advisor. Among his many accomplishments since launching this publication in 1981, Bernie Schaeffer was inducted into the Dick Davis Hall of Fame and received the “Best of the Best” award from the Market Technicians' Association in the field of Sentiment/Psychological Analysis. Along the way, he launched his award-winning website, www.SchaeffersResearch.com. You can trust Bernie’s experience, independence, and ability to select the best trades in all market conditions.

Bernie Schaeffer’s Option Advisor will help you avoid the three most common mistakes that traders make:

  1. As far back as the 1920s and 1930s, traders have spent most of their energies on the long/call side of the market. Ignoring the short/put side of the market has cost many traders dearly during unexpected shocks and crashes over the years. The Option Advisor will actively trade both sides of the market, depending on market conditions, thus helping our subscribers avoid this often costly mistake.
  2. A second common trading mistake is not controlling losses. Bernie provides well-defined exit points via closeout dates for each trade. In addition, trades that are not performing to expectations will be closed early via "hotlines." Traders must rigorously limit losses while letting winners run, or the losses will typically outweigh their profits. The Option Advisor takes a very disciplined approach to targeting profits and cutting losses short, which translates into real profits over time.
  3. The third mistake is not staying in the market, or trying to jump in and out during choppy periods. The truth is, the vast majority of these traders miss the profit opportunities provided by volatile market conditions (see #1 above). Sadly, because they are on the sidelines, they also miss the “super profit” opportunities when the market trends sharply. The fact is, most investors miss these periods because the big money has already been made by the time the trend is established and reported. The Option Advisor serves to keep you in the game. The combination of the leverage provided by options, strict loss control, and letting winners run acts to preserve capital and allows you to be in prime position for those sharp market movements that are often very profitable.

Two words about losses – expect them. They are part and parcel of aggressive, active trading. For example, a sequence of 50 trades that contains 20 winners (40% – a highly respectable winning percentage, as the best traders in the world generally have win rates below 50%) has a one in five chance of having a string of 10 losses in a row! It is critical to commit the proper amount of capital, follow strict money management guidelines, limit losses, and let winners run. Stay the course…you have to be in the market to earn the profits! We talk extensively about this subject in our discussion of money management in the Option Advisor Handbook.

We urge you to take advantage of the many resources available on our website, www.SchaeffersResearch.com. Our visitors tell us the timeliness and variety of our daily and weekly stock market columns are invaluable. While you’re on our site, sign up for our FREE services, including Monday Morning Outlook, a weekly newsletter that will help your trading week get off on the right foot. In addition, you will find a wealth of educational information throughout the website. Educated traders are successful traders, and we strive to provide the most comprehensive and practical options and directional trading educational materials available anywhere.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, suggestions, and comments about Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor. You can reach us through the website with a live chat option, via e-mail at service@sir-inc.com, or toll-free at 1-800-448-2080 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST on days the market is open. On behalf of the team at Schaeffer’s Investment Research, thank you for your consideration and we look forward to you making us a part of your trading day

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