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Whether you are an experienced trader or brand new to the highly rewarding world of equity options and directional trading, Bernie Schaeffer‘s Option Advisor is sure to add value to your trading portfolio. The Option Advisor newsletter is not only aimed to provide easy-to-implement and profitable trade recommendations, but we also aim to share knowledge from the professionals, which Bernie Schaeffer gathered during his 40 years of trading experience.

Bernie Schaeffer‘s Options Advisor has been one of the most trusted options trading newsletter for nearly 40 years. The newsletter began by delivering via postal mail and via fax. Then, Option Advisor postal mail speed picked up and Option Advisor was also released via phone. Finally, and most recently, The Option Advisor newsletter is released to traders on the same day that the trades are published, within an hour to be exact. All trades are available through Schaeffer's My Account and subscribers are notified via email that their trades are ready for review.

Bernie Schaeffer's financial and analytical expertise enables him to find and share overlooked trading opportunities in every single type of market condition. These trades are shared with members who subscribe to The Option Advisor.

Bernie Schaeffer’s Option Advisor will help you avoid the three most common mistakes that traders make:

  1. As far back as the 1920s and 1930s, traders have spent most of their energies on the long/call side of the market. Ignoring the short/put side of the market completely has cost many traders dearly, especially in the spring of 2000 during the NASDAQ plunge. The Option Advisor will actively trade both sides of the market through the utilization of put options and call options, depending on market conditions This diversification allows us to protect our members from overexposure in the event of a sudden market move.
  2. Another common trading mistake is not controlling losses. Bernie Schaeffer provides well-defined exit points via closeout dates (or time stops) for each trade that is recommended in The Option Advisor. Further, trades that are not performing up to expectations will be closed early via regularly published hotline updates. The overarching goal in options trading is to minimize losses and maximize profits, or the losses will pile up too quickly and outweigh the winning trades. The Option Advisor takes a very disciplined approach to enhancing profits and cutting losses short, which translates into real profits over time.
  3. The third most common mistake that traders make is not staying in the market out of fear, or trying to jump in and out of the market during choppy periods. The truth is that the vast majority of these traders miss the profit opportunities provided by volatile market conditions. Sadly, because these traders place themselves on the sidelines, these traders also miss the “super profit” opportunities when the market corrects sharply. Money can be made utilizing options strategies in all trading environments. The fact is, most investors miss these periods because the big money has already been made by the time the trend is established and the fear has subsided. The Option Advisor serves to keep you in the game every single month. The combination of the leverage provided by options, strict loss control, and letting wins run to triple-digit gains combine to catapult for your portfolio growth.

As a member of Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor, you will additionally find a wealth of educational information and an opportunity to preview and/or purchase our Home Study Programs at members-only discounts. Educated traders are always going to be the most successful and consistent trader. The Option Advisor trading newsletter does not leave any stone unturned as it provides the most comprehensive and practical options strategies along with educational materials available on multiple platform. Subscribe now and begin your profit-taking journey today with Bernie Schaeffer‘s Options Advisor.

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