Wells Fargo Stock Bouncing Off Key Trendline

WFC is on track for its best single-session gain since mid April

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Banking staple Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) was last seen trading up 4.3% to trade at $44.90, climbing with the financial sector as the 10-Year Treasury yield drops. On track for its best single-session gain since mid-April, Wells Fargo stock is up 49% year-to-date. And despite a 1% drop in the last 30 days, chart support has emerged as the 100-day moving average. Wells Fargo also has a forward dividend of $0.40 and a dividend yield of 0.93%.

From a fundamental point of view, Wells Fargo stock currently trades at a low price-earnings ratio of 11.53. However, the company has seen a constant decline in revenues and net income over the past few years. This is also reflected in an increased forward price-earnings ratio of 13.66.

Wells Fargo’s revenues are also down by 13% and net income has decreased by 30% since fiscal 2017. Overall, Wells Fargo stock doesn’t offer a great level of security or value, given WFC’s big upward move over the past year and the company’s lack of growth.

However, options may be a prudent strategy, considering, the stock's Schaeffer's Volatility Scorecard (SVS) sits at an elevated 82 out of 100. This means WFC has exceeded option traders' volatility expectations during the past year -- a boon for premium buyers.



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