Is the Stock Market Open on Columbus Day?

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YES, the U.S. markets are open for regular trading hours on Columbus Day.

Investors in the U.S. stock market are primarily affected by the holidays because they change the emotions and strategies around their investments. Also, these holidays give more time to investors to reflect on their strategy.

In the United States, Columbus Day is a holiday that honors the landing of Christopher Columbus in the land of America in 1492. It is observed on October 12. This day was celebrated unofficially in various states and cities as early as the 18th century. It became a federal Holiday in 1937.

Both stock markets New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ remain open for regular hours on Columbus Day. On the other hand, the Security Industry and Financial Market Association (SIFMA) recommended closing the bond market on Columbus Day. The bond market in the United States never officially shuts down, but it observes Columbus Day . On Columbus Day, the recommendation that the bond market celebrates this holiday is not enforced.

On Columbus Day, most banking institutions and banks like the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington and New York are closed as it is a bank holiday. This day is the partial federal holiday, as various departments and services suspend their operations.


Does Stock Market Holidays Effect Investing Strategies?

While planning the trading strategies, you must adhere to the holiday dates of the stock exchange market by country. If you have a position of a trader or an investor in the foreign stock, remember that the holiday schedule in different countries may vary from location to location.

If the U.S. stock exchange market closes on a national holiday, it significantly impacts the trading strategy as the prices of share rally usually before the holiday. A common idea favored by the trader is to buy the shares a day before the holiday.

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