Are There Any Special Offers for Schaeffer's Clients?

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Yes! Our broker partners offer a huge variety of incentives for you as part of our family, from 100 free shares of stock with a funded account (tastyworks)… to a 100% rebate on your Schaeffer’s subscriptions (TradeStation)… to free Apple stock when you open and fund an account (eOption).The offers from our partners are always getting better… so feel free to check back on our BROKER CENTER on from time-to-time to see what’s new! Our broker center also provides a comprehensive list of countries outside of the US from which each broker accepts applications, in case you are located internationally and still want to capitalize on the US markets.

We get a lot of questions about how to auto-execute our trades because members are worried about missing real-time trade alerts… or they want to force more discipline into their trading by pre-setting allocation and trade management rules with their broker. There are a quite a few options for “auto-trading”  available, such as:

As a reminder, please know that any automated management of your trading account is a relationship that is set up between you and your broker of choice and this relationship will remain strictly between you and your brokerage. Schaeffer's Investment Research will only provide alerts to paying clients.

We are not affiliated with any brokerage firm and does not endorse or recommend any specific brokerage firm. Schaeffer's is not and will not be responsible for any trades made by a broker on the subscriber's behalf under any circumstances.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our customer support team at 800-448-2080 or via live chat.

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