What are some gift ideas for traders?

Gift Guide SS

For the stock picker...
... try Schaeffer's Daily Bulletin!

For the straight up stock picker, don't bother trying to teach an old dog new tricks.
Schaeffer's Daily Bulletin delivers a convenient roundup of daily bullish and bearish stock picks, plus a handy roundup of the latest market news and trader commentary straight from our team of traders and researchers. This digestible daily bulletin is sure to provide some trading inspiration this year (and beyond) by keeping your trader on the cutting-edge of the latest market happenings. Click here to pick your subscription! 

For the trendline junkie...
...give them their fix with a susbcription to StockCharts.com!
The subscription-based service provides top-tier chart access that lets discerning traders choose which charts they're interested in, apply advanced technical scanning, and even create custom SMS alerts. It'll keep a true trendline addict occupied all year! 
Best of all, StockCharts.com is offering a special discount to Schaeffer's members!

For the YOLO trader...
...roll the dice with Schaeffer's Overnight Trader!

This fast-action trading program provides an average of 4 real-time trade recommendations each month, primed for 100% profits in as little as 8 hours. That's right – these lightning-fast winners will give any trader an adrenaline rush! 
Plus, each recommendation comes complete with trader commentary and analysis, so they might even learn a thing or two along the way.  Seize the day - and this deal! - for your favorite daredevil trader. 

For the "Type A" trader...
...Schaeffer's Weekend Trader Alert offers the perfect solution!

These trades are perfect for the… ahem, "more regimented" types, since they can count on receiving a trade recommendation each Sunday promptly at 7:00 p.m. ET.  Our trader commentary and analysis explains exactly why each trade is set to pop and deliver money-doubling gains in the weeks ahead. It's an ideal way to help the detail-oriented trader in your life add a little extra cheer to their portfolio. Click here for an insider discount! 

For the battlestation captain trader...
...make sure they're trading at the top of their game with top-of-the-line technology!
Wireless headphones (cords are so 2009), an extra-wide gaming mousepad (for those fast-action, high-dexterity trades!), or a new high-def monitor are all great gift choices for anyone who spends hours at their desk, scanning for unusual market moves. Here are a few - tested & approved by our own Schaeffer's traders! - to get you started: 1) Noise-cancelling headphones, 2) Pro gaming mousepad, 3) 42.5" LED monitor!

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