3 Airline Stocks Taking Off on Raised Revenue Forecast

All three names have been feeling the weight of the broad-market selloff

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Mar 15, 2022 at 9:51 AM
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It's a sunny day for the airline sector, after three industry heavyweights lifted their revenue forecasts. The companies have all seen a rebound in air travel after this winter's drubbing at the hands of the Covid-19 omicron variant. The airlines in question are Delta Air Lines (DAL), United Airlines (UAL), and Southwest Airlines (LUV). While DAL and UAL also tempered their capacity estimates for the first quarter as the Ukraine-Russia conflict drives up gas prices, the shares of all three names are on the rise this morning. 

Starting with Delta Airlines stock, which was last seen up 7% to trade at $34.31. The security saw a dramatic drop to an annual low of $29.75 on March 8, though it's since been able to find footing near the $32 level during the past two days. What's more, the security's 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) sits firmly in "oversold" territory at 20, which could be indicative of a short-term bounce on the charts. 

United Airlines stock is also seeing a surge today, last seen up 6.1% at $37.20. The stock has shed 20% this year, in the wake of the broad-market selloff, and hit a near two-year low earlier last week. However, today's pop has UAL eyeing its first close above the 10-day moving average since mid-February. Plus, it sports a low RSI of 25. 

LUV is pacing for its first close above the 10-day since mid-February, too. The stock was last seen up 4.5% at $41.90, with a 17-month low of $36.75 right in the rearview. The security has shed 34% in the last 12 months, though it looks short-term bounce ready, thanks to its RSI of 30. 



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