Talking 3 Tips for Options Traders with Christopher M. Uhl

Senior Market Strategist Matthew Timpane joined Christopher M. Uhl for a conversation on trading options

Sep 13, 2019 at 9:13 AM
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    Schaeffer's Senior Market Strategist Matthew Timpane recently sat down with Christopher M. Uhl, CMA, from the How to Trade Stocks and Options podcast. The two discussed some of our favorite topics here at Schaeffer's, and some of the most important things we believe options traders should be considering when looking for potential targets.

    To be more specific, Timpane talks about term structures and how to play certain market events on the cheap, selling premium versus buying premium, and finding an edge in every trade. Whether you're an experienced options trader or new to the game, this in-depth conversation offers valuable tips that you should consider. They also hit on why we love obscure moving averages.

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