Learn to Trade Options: Our Best Options Newsletters

Breaking down top options newsletters with options guru, Bernie Schaeffer

Dec 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM
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    Considering all the factors that we recommend one considers when choosing an options newsletter publisher to partner with, it is now time that we get more specific. At Schaeffer Investment Research, we take pride in our nearly 40 year old history of providing incredible trading profits for our valued clients. Schaeffer's Investment Research was one of first options newsletter publishers ever, founded in 1981. We have since thrived through every kind of stock market environment thrown at us to date. Schaeffer's mission is to provide our subscribers with the best in class research, as well as high profit potential options plays.

    We are the nation’s leading options newsletter publisher, delivering cutting-edge market commentary and trade ideas throughout every trading day. Our expert research and quantitative analysis teams work to ensure that our customers are able to capitalize on as many trading opportunities as possible. Backed by stock market news outlets, research from the Schaeffer's team of in-house analysts (including our options guru, Bernie Schaeffer) is regularly featured by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, Reuters, CNBC, US News and World Report, and more.

    Schaeffer's journey began in 1981 when Bernie Schaeffer and his partner were working as actuaries for Great American Insurance. After gaining significant experience in options trading, Bernie soon realized that there was a pressing need for an options newsletter for small traders and professional traders alike. This identification of a missing support solution for retail traders resulted in our development of the nation's best options trading newsletters.

    In this article, we will provide detail on a couple of our most loved options newsletters, for both the convenience of the trade delivery as well as the long-standing portfolio returns.


    Schaeffer’s Option Advisor is our flagship options trading program, clocking in at nearly 40 years old. Option Advisor provides traders with the opportunity to get one step closer to financial freedom with Bernie Schaeffer’s Option Advisor. The options newsletter provides 10 options trade recommendations every month. Each trade comes complete with an in-depth analysis and rationale for recommending the specific trade. In addition to the 10 options trades delivered each month, all members receive access to Bernie's monthly market outlook as well as a timely educational piece. As a bonus for all members, access to Schaeffer's Top Gun Trading Course and Schaeffer's Quick Start Guide is included with membership.

    Schaeffer’s Weekend Trader Alert is one of our most popular trading alerts, delivered every Sunday at 7 p.m. ET. Weekend Trader Alert allows traders to step up their financial goals without being active and available during stock market hours. Schaeffer’s Weekend Trader Alert provides subscribers with 1-2 option-buying trade ideas every week. We provide everything you need to know to place the trade on your broker platform in 15 minutes or less.  Backed by our extensive research and in depth analysis, each simple call or put buying recommendation targets around a 100% return on investment. In addition to the profit-seeking trade recommendations you receive each week, all members get complementary access to Schaeffer's Quick Start Guide and Schaeffer's Weekend Trading Handbook. Both of these tools provide traders with everything they need to successfully trade Schaeffer’s Weekend Trader Alert, including our premier money management guidelines.

    Schaeffer’s Weekend Player, one of our newest and most loved options trading newsletters, allows traders to turbo-charge their options portfolio growth with even higher profit targets. As one of the top-performing options newsletters, time and time again, our research team works tirelessly to provide you huge returns on our trade recommendations, targeting gains of 200% or more. Schaeffer's Weekend Player provides 1-2 options-buying trade recommendations each week on Sundays at 7 p.m. ET. All trades published in Weekend Player are simple purchases of calls and puts targeting returns of 200% or more on each trade. Membership to Schaeffer's Weekend Player comes with many bonuses. The bonuses include Bernie Schaeffer's Chart of the Week, Schaeffer's Quick Start Guide, and Schaeffer's Weekend Trading Handbook. Using Schaeffer's Weekend Player, and following Schaeffer's money management guidelines, will allow you to target the high-profit winners you crave, without spending hours doing research and constantly watching the live market. Plus, with cheap premiums of just $3 to $8 on average, you access the cheapest and most leveraged opportunities that Bernie can find, every single week.


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