Cable One Stock Jumped 10% Since Buyback Program Announcement

Is the worst part over for CABO?

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Cable One Inc (NYSE:CABO) is an American broadband communications provider. CABO serves more than 1.1 million residential and business customers in 24 states through Sparklight and their portfolio of brands. Cable One provides residential customers with a variety of connectivity and entertainment services, including Gigabit speeds, advanced Wi-Fi, and video through its fiber-optic infrastructure. CABO also offers broadband solutions for businesses of all sizes.

On May 23, Cable One announced the authorization of a stock repurchase program of up to $450 million of CABO stock. The repurchase program is in addition to the remaining repurchase authorization previously approved by the company’s board in July of 2015, of which $75.4 million of repurchase authorization remained as of March 31.

Cable One stock has decreased about 34% in price year-over-year and CABO is down 42% since reaching its 52-week high of $2,136.14 last September. Additionally, shares of CABO have dropped in price 29% year-to-date. However, Cable One stock price is up 9% over the past month and has recovered 18% since shooting down to a 52-week low of $1,049.81 in early May. Cable One stock also offers a dividend yield of 0.9% with a forward dividend of $11.00.

The broadband company has already managed to increase their trailing 12-month revenues and net income 5.3% and 36.2%, respectively, since their fiscal 2021 report. Current estimates indicate 7.6% revenue growth and 44.8% earnings growth for fiscal 2022.

Nonetheless, Cable One stock's valuation remains high at a price-earnings ratio of 19.99 and a price-sales ratio of 4.55, when taking the broadband company’s 2023 estimates into account. For fiscal 2023 Cable One is expected to grow revenues only 2.5% and see a 10.2% drop in earnings. In addition, CABO is badly postured for the long-term with $3.89 billion in total debt and just $368.17 million in cash on their balance sheet, making Cable One stock too high-risk of an investment for fundamental-based investors at this time.



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