Will PriceSmart's Earnings Be a Critical Turning Point?

Investors will want to tune in for PSMT's Q1 of 2022 earnings

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PriceSmart, Inc. (NASDAQ:PSMT) is the largest operator of membership warehouse clubs in Latin America and the Caribbean. PSMT sells merchandise and services at low prices to over three million PriceSmart Members at 49 owned and operated warehouse clubs in 12 countries. PSMT is trading flat at $72.08 this afternoon.

On Dec. 17, PriceSmart announced plans to release its fiscal first-quarter results after the close on Thursday, Jan. 6. PSMT's senior leadership team will also host a conference call on Friday, Jan. 7, to discuss the financial results with shareholders. Analysts expect that the warehouse club company’s earnings per share coming in at $0.93 for its upcoming earnings report.

PriceSmart stock has decreased about 20% year-over-year and has shed 31% since peaking at a nearly seven-year high of $104.90. Additionally, shares of PSMT have dropped 19% year-to-date and have managed to add 6% from its 52-week low of $67.91. Moreover, PriceSmart offers a forward dividend of $0.70 with a dividend yield of 0.97%.

From a fundamental point of view, PriceSmart stock still maintains somewhat of a high valuation given PSMT’s performance in recent years. PriceSmart stock currently trades at a price-earnings ratio of 22.68.

Nonetheless, PriceSmart does hold a manageable balance sheet with $252 million in cash and $270 million in total debt. In addition, PSMT trades at a solid price-sales ratio of 0.61, making earnings its biggest concern, setting up its Q1 of 2022 financial report as a critical date for the company. If PSMT can continue a similar growth rate from this past year, PriceSmart stock could potentially see a shift from its bearish form.



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