Monro Stock is in Need of a Fundamental Tune Up

What investors should know when considering MNRO

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Monro Inc (NASDAQ:MNRO) is an American automotive service and tire provider. MNRO offers oil changes, tires and parts installation, and vehicle repairs. Monro operates across nearly 1,300 stores and has 9,000 service bays nationwide.

Since running out of steam at a familiar ceiling near the $65 level in mid-November, MNRO has been chopping lower, hitting its lowest level since January earlier in the session. Pressure at the 20-day moving average has also kept a lid on shares. At last check, MNRO was down 1.5% at $54.82, though the stock still sports a year-to-date lead of 2.8%. Moreover, Monro, Inc. offers a forward dividend of $1.04 with a dividend yield of 1.87%.

mnro chart dec 20

Short sellers have been building their positions, with short interest up 4.1% in the last reporting period. The 2.84 million shares sold short make up a solid 8.6% of the stock's available float, and would take a little over three weeks to cover, at the stock's average daily pace of trading. 

From a fundamental point of view, Monro stock seems to have very little to offer other than its dividend. The automotive company has a balance sheet with only $6.64 million in cash compared to its $802 million in total debt, leaving MNRO in a very vulnerable position. In addition, Monro has only increased its revenues 13% since fiscal 2018 and has posted a 14% decrease in net income since fiscal 2018.

On top of all of that, Monro stock trades at a very rich price-earnings of 35.58 while also toting a forward price-earnings ratio of 24.75. MRNO's price-earnings ratio indicates an expected increase in earnings. However, Monro stock’s overall valuation remains fairly high, despite also trading at a decent price-sales ratio of 1.53. In general, investors may be better suited finding other dividend stocks with less risk involved and a higher potential for profit than Monro stock currently offers.



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