Peloton Stock Lost Three Quarters of its Market Cap This Year

PTON has dropped 72% in 2021

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Peloton Interactive Inc (NASDAQ:PTON) is one of the largest fitness companies and brands in the world. PTON sells technology and media-based exercise equipment. Peloton's main products are internet-connected stationary bicycles and treadmills that enable monthly subscribers to remotely participate in classes via streaming media. Earlier this week, Peloton Interactive released an advertisement on Sunday in response to a "Sex and the City" plot point that cast the company in a less-than-shining light. The advertisement seemed to have worked to stop the bleeding, at least in the short-term, with PTON up following the advertisement drop.

Despite the save, Peloton stock is down a dramatic 72% year-over-year and is coming off a one-year low of $36.42, touched earlier in the week. The equity was last seen up 5.2% at $41.90,and is looking to snap a seven-week losing streak with an 8.3% gain. 

From a fundamentals perspective, Peloton stock has reached an intriguing valuation after losing three-fourths of its market cap over the past year. Peloton stock’s price-sales ratio has also come down to 2.81, which is a great value considering PTON's top line growth rate. The fitness brand has also increased its revenues 123% since fiscal 2020 and a significant 835% since fiscal 2018.

However, Peloton also reported that its revenue growth has stalled over the past 12 months and its net income has dropped by $562.7 million since fiscal 2020. This leaves PTON at $634.3 million in net losses over the past 12 months. Overall, Peloton stock continues to be a high-risk play, but its current valuation makes it a strong speculative option for growth investors.



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