Does This Semiconductor Stock Have Anymore Juice Left?

ARW is still recovering from its massive net losses posted in 2019

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Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) is an American tech company that specializes in distribution and value-added services related to electronic components and computer products.

Arrow Electronics stock has carved out a channel of higher highs in the last 12 months to the tune of a 66% year-over-year gain, and culminating in a record high of $124.76 on May 25. Despite a 5.4% pullback in June, the chart support emerged at ARW's 100-day moving average. From a value perspective, Arrow Electronics stock is an intriguing investment opportunity for potential investors. ARW trades at a low price-earnings ratio of 11.90 and has an even more attractive forward price-earnings ratio of 10.32.

Despite the uptrend, all four analysts in coverage maintain a tepid "hold" stance. Should ARW keep climbing, at some point the brokerage bunch will adjust their ratings, keeping the wind at the stock's back. 

However, it is important to note some fundamental flaws in the company. For example, Arrow Electronics’ balance sheet holds just $227.7 million in cash, which pales in comparison to the $2.27 billion it has in total debt. In addition, the company has experienced inconsistent revenue and net income growth. Most notably, ARW reported a net loss of $204 million in fiscal 2019, which was more than a $900 million decrease in net income year-over-year. Overall, Arrow Electronics stock may be considered a risky value investment, but it appears to offers more upside potential than most value stocks at the moment.



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