Should Investors Consider CrowdStrike Stock While It's Dipping?

The security is already up over 140% year-over-year

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The shares of cybersecurity name CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRWD) are down 2.3% at $186.20 this afternoon. Today's negative price action comes just a couple of weeks ahead of the security's first-quarter earnings report, which is due out after the close on Thursday, June 3. Below, we will dive into the equity's recent performance on the charts, and further analyze some of the stock's previous post-earnings moves.  

The security has had a volatile run on the charts this year. Less than a month after rising to a Feb. 16, all-time high of $251.28, CrowdStrike stock pulled all the way back to the $183 level. Meanwhile, the $230 mark has emerged area of resistance over the past couple of months. Nevertheless, the equity sports a 140.8% year-over-year lead.

During the past two years, CRWD has had a generally positive history of post-earnings reactions. Looking at its last eight reports, five of these next-day sessions were higher, including a 17.4% pop in March 2020. Additionally, the stock averaged a post-earnings swing of 10.5% the last eight quarters, regardless of direction. 

From a fundamental point of view, CrowdStrike stock is trading at a premium, despite its bearish run so far in 2021. The company’s market cap currently stands at $41.77 billion, and the stock has a forward price-earnings of 714.29. In other words, it could be a while before CRWD proves its worth. The company does, however, carry $1.92 billion in cash, which is more than double the $779 million it has in debt. This affords CRWD plenty of time and resources to keep growing.

What's more, the company increased revenue by 81.6% in 2021, and added almost $50 million to net income, taking net losses down to $92.6 million for the year. CrowdStrike’s revenues are also up a whopping 636% since 2018. However, with only $874.4 million in annual revenues at the moment, the security is best suited for long-term stock investors.



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