U.K. Stocks Take Out 200-Day Moving Average
It seems that buyers have rediscovered their appetite for London-listed equities
Big Bank ETF Enters March Expiration on Shaky Ground
Out-of-the-money put strikes could come into play for XLF as March options get set to expire
Inside the Aggressive XBI Breakout
The biotech ETF finally conquered its 200-day moving average last week
Mind the Bull-Bear Gap
The gulf between bulls and bears widened in the latest Investors Intelligence survey
Where the VIX Freefall Might Finally End
The volatility index is off to its worst year-to-date start on record in 2019
Proceed with Caution on Post-Bear Market Nasdaq
The Nasdaq clawed its way out of bear market territory on Friday
A Little Trouble for Big-Cap China ETF
Key levels to watch for FXI as U.S.-China trade talks drag closer to the March deadline
Skeptics Still Aren't Buying FANG Fund Rally
Traders must watch FDN's progress around its 200-day trendline over the next few sessions
What to Watch on the Dow ETF Chart Right Now
The Dow-tracking ETF is "relatively overbought," based on recent RSI trends
The Chart Levels to Watch as MID Outperforms
The mid-cap index entered 2019 between its a pair of significant long-term moving averages
AAII Bears Just Hit a 6-Year Extreme
The 10-week moving average of bearish sentiment just revisited November 2012 territory
Chip Stocks Eye Volatile Expiration Week Trading Range
Fund flows data shows traders have piled back into SMH during the past week

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