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Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc. has been providing stock market publications, market recommendation services and stock option education since its inception in 1981 by founder and CEO, Bernie Schaeffer.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Schaeffer's Investment Research has become a leading and trusted source of research and analysis for individual investors and major financial media outlets.


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up chart with tickers multi-color
Signal Says DocuSign Stock Could Soon Regain Strength
DOCU's 80-day moving average could push the stock closer to its September peak
COVID-19 and the US Dollar
Big Few Weeks Ahead for Pfizer Stock
PFE has a history of mixed post-earnings reactions
Bright colored chart
What to Expect for This Plant-Based Giant's Quarterly Report
BYND has surged since its 2019 bottom
Bright Green Arrow Chart going UP
Many Reasons to Target Chinese Video Stock
BILI has support in place at its 100-day moving average
Gold and impact on the U.S. stock market
Gold Stock Could Shine Brighter, Signal Says
NEM's 160-day moving average could push the stock to a new all-time-high

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