Today's Stock Market News & Events: 7/12/2021

Today's market-moving economic data and earnings schedule

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Plenty of red-hot economic activity are due out this week and another earnings season slowly begins to roll out, with bank stocks some of the first to release quarterly reports. Earnings from bank names JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Bank of America (BAC), PNC (PNC), Morgan Stanley (MS), and Wells Fargo (WFC) are all due out this week, while Wall Street can also expect reports from PepsiCo (PEP), Delta Air Lines (DAL), and United Health (UNH). While the week starts slow today, by Thursday there will be plenty of economic data to digest, including a monthly report from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), manufacturing data, and weekly jobless claims. This week will be rounded out with data on retail sales and business inventories. 

The economic calendar is bare today.

No companies are slated to release quarterly earnings today, July 12.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, activity will pick up on Tuesday with the core consumer price index (CPI), and the Federal budget balance set for release. 

All economic dates listed here are tentative and subject to change.

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