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About Bernie Schaeffer:

Bernie Schaeffer, Chairman of Schaeffer's Investment Research
  • Chairman and CEO of Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Inc. and Senior Editor of the Option Advisor newsletter since 1981
  • Recipient of the Traders' Library "Trader's Hall of Fame" award
  • Timer Digest consistently ranks Bernie's market timing among the top 10 out of more than 100 analysts
  • Three-time winner of the Wall Street Journal stock picking contest
  • Bernie often lends his expertise on CNBC and Fox News, and he is a regular guest on Nightly Business Report and Bloomberg Radio
  • His award winning site is the #1 destination for options trading and is widely renowned for its real time discussions of the option activity and sentiment backdrop on volatile stocks and stocks in the news

Double-your-money Gains in 7 Trading
Days or Less!

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 If you expect a stock to make its move in just a few days...why pay for an entire month of time premium?

The good news don't have to!

Because you can use weekly options to trade short-term pops and drops. And you can get into them for the fraction of the price you'd pay for a monthly contract -- due to the reduced time premium.

And weekly options are available for big names like: Microsoft, Google,, Netflix, 3-D Systems Corp., GE, Bank of America, McDonald's, Potash, Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold, SPDR Gold Trust, and iPath S&P 500 Short-term futures ETN.

In fact, they've become the hottest, fastest-growing options available -- with six indexes, 29 ETFs, and 150 individual stocks.

They trade just like regular options -- only they're much cheaper!

That means you benefit from increased leverage due to the low time premium built into near-expiration options. In fact, some weekly option premiums are as much as 82% LESS than monthly option premiums!

And since these short-term options are so only takes a small move in the underlying equity to produce really big option gains.

Just look at some actual gains we've just 7 trading days or less:

  • +202% GAINS on Google calls
  • +118% GAINS on 3-D Systems Corporation calls
  • +74% GAINS on Potash puts
  • +50% GAINS on Citigroup puts
  • +66% GAINS on Sina Corporation puts
  • +57% GAINS on JPMorgan Chase puts
  • +60% GAINS on calls
  • +67% GAINS on J.C. Penney Company puts
  • +72% GAINS on iPath S&P 500 Short-term Futures ETN calls
  • +64% GAINS on MGM Resorts puts
  • +61% GAINS on Facebook calls
  • +102% GAINS on iPath S&P 500 Short-term Futures ETN puts

And that's not even close to a complete list of winners either! 

Join Bernie Schaeffer’s Weekly Options Trader
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See for yourself how easy it is to potentially double your money in 7 days or less when you try Weekly Options Trader for 30 days.

Just look at what you get with your Weekly Options Trader subscription – all for only $79, retail price $159. Save 50%! Keep this low price and never miss out on future trades. We’ll keep the trades coming until you tell us to stop.

#1: Fast Profits for Traders Who Want Results Now — Every single weekly option recommendation targets gains of 100% in 7 trading days or less!


#2: NO Complicated Trading Strategies or Margin Requirements to Worry About. We keep it simple, recommending straight option calls and puts ONLY.


#3: Exploit the Popularity of Weekly Options — You can profit from a rapidly expanding list of weekly options including calls and puts on popular stocks, indexes, and ETFs.


#4: You Don’t Have to Wait Until The Third Friday of the Month to Profit! With weekly options, every Friday is like expiration Friday!


#5: Stop Paying For Time Premium You Don’t Need. Take advantage of low-cost weekly options for short-term moves and save a bundle in time premium!


#6: You’re In and Out in 7 Trading Days or Less. So you don’t have to tie up your trading capital for months waiting for a profit.


#7: You Get 2 Chances to Profit Every Week. You get approximately 2 recommendations for every weekly expiration, with a minimum of 6 weekly option plays over the next month. New weekly options are created every Thursday and expire the following Friday. There are no new weekly options created for the week of regular monthly options expiration. Each recommendation will be released as soon as we uncover a great trading opportunity...any day of the week, during market hours.


#8: Detailed Research on Every Trade. We send you one email containing a trade recommendation. You get plain-English instructions to read directly to your broker. Or you can place the trade yourself in your online trading account. There's also a link to a commentary page — complete with charts, graphs, and technical indicators showing exactly why we think this recommendation will deliver big gains.


#9: Every Trade Will Close by Friday. That's because weekly options expire 7 trading days after they are issued. You’ll receive a second email in 7 trading days or less closing out each position. So you’re never left wondering what to do. You just sit back, place the trades, and wait for further instructions.


#10: We Take You Step-by-Step Through the Trading Process with Your FREE Trading Handbook. Your FREE online handbook gives you detailed money management guidelines, so you can easily trade weekly options while maximizing your profit potential and minimizing your risk.

With your Weekly Options Trader 30-day subscription, you can see for yourself how easy it is to trade weekly expiration options. And you’ll be in and out of every trade in 7 trading days or less. Every single one. 

Here’s how it works:

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive an email your first Weekly Options Trader recommendation is released. Just click on the link for your easy-to-understand weekly option recommendation plus detailed commentary on why we think this recommendation is poised to deliver gains of +100% or more in just 7 trading days or less.

Join Weekly Options Trader Today!

Now don’t worry if you’ve never traded weekly options before. There’s nothing complicated about it! Weekly options work just like monthly options, only the symbol and the expiration date (and the low cost!) are different.

Plus we give you everything you need! Simply set up the trade in your online trading account...or read it directly to your broker over the phone.

It's that EASY!

So sign up right away and target up to +100% GAINS over the next 30 days with
Weekly Options Trader!

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