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» What are cookies, why do I need them and how do I "reset" them?

A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your web browser from our server. The data is not executed as code and is therefore not processed as a program. It is simply a means of remembering personalized choices you have voluntarily made on our site, what forms you've already filled out, what items on our store you've selected, and so on.

Sometimes it is necessary to "reset" your cookie in order to see some information on our website. This could be due to a combination of factors, including the use of anti-virus or firewall software whose security settings are set to block cookies. To reset your cookie file, first make sure you have only ONE browser window open. Once you've closed any excess browser windows, go to our clear cookies page. You will immediately be asked to close your browser. Once you have done this, re-open your browser. Your cookies should now be reset.

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» How do I print your site's pages? Do you have a "printable page" option?

Our site was designed so that most pages are printable by default. When you print out a page from one of our internal pages, for example, we have designed the page so that only the content gets printed. The site navigation and other elements will be removed from your printable page automatically.

To print any of our pages, simply go to "File" in your browser and choose the "Print" option.

If you are still having problems printing, be sure you have the latest version of your web browser.

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» What can I expect to find on your website?
Answer: Here are the highlights of what you can expect when you visit our new site: Navigation We have overhauled the navigation of the new site to make it easier for you to get from one page to the next and back again. Our new navigation bar has 5 important features: First, the main row of green buttons taking you to each major section of the site - Education, Articles & Commentary, Market Centers, Quotes & Tools, and Products and Services. When you hover over the tab, menus will appear with choices to take you straight to the major content you want in each of these areas. Our Homepage In designing our new site, we listened to you, our subscribers. You said one of the most important reasons you visit our site is our market insight and intraday commentary, so we moved these features to the top of the homepage of the new When you visit the new site, you will see our insight and commentary front-and-center on the homepage. Just below that we have collected our blogs, which give you breaking news and stock ideas. Logging In Logging in to access your online services has never been easier because now you can login from any page on the site! A Sign In link is located on the upper right corner on every page. Click on the link, enter your username and password and hit login. It is that simple! Once you login, you will have access to the My Account area which shows your subscriptions and gives you the ability to change the email address where your services are delivered. About Us Ever wonder how Bernie has managed to be a top market timer for so long? Or why so many people look to for cutting-edge analysis of the market? How can you trade the Schaeffers Way? Our About Us area has the answers. Read about how Bernie has successfully predicted market highs and lows again and again. Learn how trust, experience, independence and Expectational Analysis combine to create the Schaeffers Edge. Education We have expanded our free online educational offerings, located in the Education section of the new Be sure to view the new Expectational Analysis area to learn about the indicators we follow and how to apply them. Experienced options traders will want to read new articles on topics such as ratio backspreads and trading psychology. Products & Services firmly believes we can help you invest better and smarter. Whether your interests are in stocks, options, or futures, we have a range of products and services to help every investor. Our free e-newsletters provide timely market analysis straight to your email box. Our educational products help you learn about the market and how options can make the difference. Periodic and daily publications, including our flagship newsletter, The Option Advisor, and the Schaeffers Master Portfolio, help get your feet wet with trading by following the consummate market timer, Bernie Schaeffer. And when you are ready to experience how trading the Schaeffers way can make a difference, our Real-Time Alert Services will provide specific trades that meet your overall investing strategy. [Back to Main Help Page]
» How do I clear the cached files on my browser so that I see the "freshest" content on your website?

To clear your browser's cached files, read our page titled, "Clearing Your Browser's Cache."

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» I have an older browser and your website doesn't appear correctly. What settings should I use and/or how do I upgrade?

Our website requires at least Internet Explorer 5.0 and above; Firefox 1.0 and above; Netscape 6 and above; or Mozilla 1.3 and above for computers running Windows.

Here are links to upgrade any of these browsers:

Apple Macintosh users: We suggest using the latest version of either Mozilla or Safari (for OS X). The Safari browser can be downloaded at

If you have an older operating system for the Mac, try the iCAB browser, which can be downloaded at: or you can try the latest version of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh, located at

WebTV and MSN TV users: Due to significant technological limitations inherent with WebTV and MSN TV, we do not officially support these browsers. While it is possible to navigate through our site using WebTV/MSN TV, some elements may be disabled.

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» What do your orange RSS icons mean?
Answer: These icons link to a data feed containing our latest commentary headlines. These headlines can be used in your RSS news aggregator software or you may use them to list our headlines on your website. For more information, please view our RSS feed page. [Back to Main Help Page]

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