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More than 28 years ago, Bernie Schaeffer engaged a fledgling industry with his visionary approaches to options trading. Today, Bernie and his staff at Schaeffer's Investment Research have established an enviable record of innovation, performance and leadership.

There are seven compelling reasons why we remain the leaders in the options industry, known for excellence across the United States and in 168 countries around the world:

Schaeffer's Investment Research...

     Performs for our subscribers
     Introduces innovative approaches to Options Trading
     Is an unbiased source of opinion
     Has earned the respect of options professionals and customers
     Is sought by leading industry media sources
     Demonstrates leadership in creating an award winning website for traders
     Associates with powerful Alliance Partners

Allow us to provide some detail to demonstrate these important factors.

Performs For Our Subscribers

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Since Jan 1, 2000+22.1%+3.8%-33.6%

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We don't expect you to accept these returns just on face value. Many other industry observers have noted our remarkable performance.

  • Bernie was named "Guru of the Year 2003" by Aaron Task of
  • Winner of BusinessWeek's 2002 Market Forecast Award
  • Top 10 ranking from Bridge Information Systems for Schaeffer's Daily Bulletin
  • Timer Digest consistently ranks Bernie among the top 10 market timers out of more than 100 analysts.
  • Bernie is in the Dick Davis Hall of Fame for his accurate prediction of the 1987 crash
  • Bernie is a 3 time winner of The Wall Street Journal's stock picking contest

Introduces Innovative Approaches To Options Trading

  • Developed Expectational Analysis®, a proprietary method of determining the directional movement of a stock
  • Author of the book The Option Advisor: Wealth Building Techniques Using Equity and Index Options
  • Senior Editor of The Option Advisor newsletter since 1981, the most widely circulated options newsletter
  • Refined various forms of Sentiment/Psychological Analysis which received the Best of the Best award from the Market Technicians Association
  • Contributing author to New Thinking in Technical Analysis: Trading Models of the Masters by Bloomberg Press
  • Published "10 Days To Successful Options Trading" home study program
  • Published "Mastering Advanced Option Strategies" home study program
  • Published "Options 101 CD" educational CD

Is An Unbiased Source of Opinion

  • Schaeffer's is an independent firm, not a broker, and earns no fees from brokers

Has Earned Respect From Options Professionals and Customers

  • Schaeffer's Investment Research is praised by industry professionals
    "Bernie positively revels in slicing and dicing oodles of data from the options market ... the numerical relationships he's been tracking in options have kept him squarely in the invested camp throughout this Bull's long romp."
    "...If there is any market insight to be gained by watching options activity, Bernie has either found it, tested it, or disproved it. Small wonder his Option Advisor has grown to be one of the nation's largest-circulation options newsletter"
    -Jim Bianco, National VP, Market Technicians Association, Inc.
    "Bernie is a member of the Digest's 'Hall of Fame' for his bearish posture ahead of the 1987 crash. Since then, his advice has consistently kept readers on the right side of the market"
    -Steve Halpern, Editor/Publisher, Dick Davis Digest
    "Hercule Poirot once observed that 'the methods of detection change, but the crimes, they remain the same'. Bernie Schaeffer has proved this basic truth anew by using contrarian option analysis brilliantly to navigate a stock market that has left most other 'contrarians' foundering on the rocks."
    -Paul Macrae Montgomery, Analyst, Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.
    "[Bernie Schaeffer's book 'The Option Advisor' is] a book on options trading even the numerically challenged can profit from."
    -Kathryn M. Welling, Barron's

  • Schaeffer's has received thousands of heartfelt testimonials over 28 years from loyal and satisfied customers:
    "This is the best service I have ever used! It is direct and to the point, and has some excellent recommendations. It is also priced right!"
    - E. Brown , Santa Fe , NM
    "I've learned more about the market and trading since I started using Bernie Schaeffer's methods than I've learned from my experience studying and following the stock market over the last three years ago. "
    - Z. Klemmer , Tuscon , AZ
    "I enjoy reading your daily reports."
    - P. De Rienzo , Yonkers , NY
    "I made a good mistake. I got your hotline advisor telling us to close out the Chicago Board of Trade option (BOT) at 24.40 target. I couldn't close out so in the morning I put a STOP in at 24.40. I got home from work early and saw that it went up to 33.00! I closed out at 32.50, sweet mistake! The trade you recommended netted 166% in a month and a half. Thanks for the great call!! Keep it up!"
    - J. Bresson , Winder , GA
    "With my first trade from the Players Series. IT paid for my subscribtion ten times over, not to mention all the other great stuff on the Schaeffer's site. I have spent thousands over the years searching for info, nothing even comes close to Bernie Schaeffer's... "
    - M. Desmarais , Biddeford , ME

Is Sought By Leading Industry Media Sources

Bernie and the staff at Schaeffer's Investment Research have been quoted and/or made appearances in numerous media sources including:

  • CNBC
  • CNNfn Guest Host
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Nightly Business Report
  • Barron's
  • Fortune
  • Business Week
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Yahoo
  • America OnLine
  • The New York Times
  • The Financial Times
  • Investor's Business Daily
  • USA Today
  • Chartpoint Magazine
  • Stocks, Futures & Options Magazine

Demonstrates Leadership in Creating an Award Winning Web site for Traders is acclaimed:

  • Selected as Forbes Best of the Web in the Investing: Options category
  • Selected by Barron's as "the first stop" on the web for option traders
  • Selected by the American Association of Independent Investors as a "top three" web site in the options category
  • Received positive mention by The Wall Street Journal OnLine
  • Ranked by as one of the world's most popular financial web sites

Associates With Powerful Partners

In recent years Schaeffer's Investment Research has partnered with or supplied content to:

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