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by 5/3/2005 12:13 PM
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We enter the lunch hour on a lethargic note...

For the most part we continue to see a mixed picture as most groups mull around breakeven ahead of the Fed. Oil and natural gas related stocks remain under pressure as those indices give up much of the gains earned yesterday.

All-in-all, this is somewhat typical of the sluggish action we tend to see ahead of events such as the FOMC as traders are reluctant to jump on momentum before the big announcement...


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Into the Fed

by 5/3/2005 12:04 PM
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While the topic of whether or not the Fed will use the phrase "measured" in its statement is debated...I thought I would add the top five "phrases" that I am looking for...but have a feeling I won't least not overtly.

  1. Yes, we are confused about what to do
  2. Yes, there are many reasons to be worried
  3. Yes, the rising price of oil is one of them
  4. Yes, we are afraid that the market would tank if we said what we really thought
  5. Git-R-Dun (I just want to see the Fed Chairman utter that phrase)

All joking aside, I think that we remain in an environment where the Street continues to shrug off concerns. As Bernie and Todd Salamone pointed out in yesterdays column - "It's the Nation's Stag Party, and I'll Cry if I Want To" - there are a number of potential concerns on the economy that are bubbling to the surface, yet the reaction has been complacent at best.

This complacency puts the Fed is in a difficult situation as they don't want to be the ones to bring the Street back to reality, but if the economic data continues to weaken, they may be forced to.

If you haven't read yesterday's article by Bernie and Todd, make sure you do...


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One to Watch - BSX

by 5/3/2005 11:31 AM
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While the action remains tame...I thought I would take the opportunity to work on my weekly column for the homepage. For those interested, I am revisiting Boston Scientific (BSX) which I profiled on the homepage back in January. As the updated weekly chart and data below shows, the shares have continued to trend lower, yet optimism remains high. The full commentary should be posted on the site later this afternoon...

Created with SuperCharts by Omega Research

  • Percent of analysts tracked by Zacks who rate the stock with a "buy": 68%
  • Number of analysts tracked by Zacks: 22
  • Short interest as a percent of float: 1.4%
  • Short interest ratio: 1.605
  • Put/call ratio percent rank: 8%

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Brokers - Part II

by 5/3/2005 10:51 AM
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Yesterday morning I touched on the sentiment behind a few brokers. Today I want to follow-up with some charts. Below are daily and weekly charts of the three stocks we looked at yesterday - Merrill Lynch (MER), Goldman Sachs Group (GS), and Lehman Brothers Holdings (LEH).

Created with SuperCharts by Omega Research

We have already discussed how these stocks have little in the way overt skepticism from the sentiment indicators noted in the link above. Here we see all three are at an interesting juncture. Each set of charts shows major support from the weekly chart (the thicker zone) and minor support from the daily chart (the thinner zone).

The weekly charts highlight the uptrends in place during the last half of 2004. The recent action, however, has not been as encouraging as each stock is testing recent lows as we head into today's FOMC announcement. A break down here could lead to a retest of the major support zone.

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Stocks quoted in this article:

As usual, this table lists stocks that have at least 10 percent of their float sold short and then shows the top ten based on the previous day's gain. The last field shows how the stock is performing in today's session. This can be a useful tool for finding situations where stocks with heavy short interest have begun to move. All returns are shown in percentages.

Note - more information on short interest can be found by clicking here.

Company Yesterday's
Percent of Float
Sold Short
Administaff, Inc. (ASF) 26.3 13.3 17.27 0.98
Titanium Metals Corporation (TIE) 11.6 13.6 37.52 0.99
Cell Genesys, Inc. (CEGE) 10.5 14.4 5.15 4.09
Deckers Outdoor Corporation (DECK) 8.7 59.0 22.90 0.09
NovaStar Financial, Inc. (NFI) 8.5 33.3 38.72 -1.08
Napster (NAPS) 8.4 15.5 6.20 4.39
MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR) 7.2 13.3 46.60 1.69
Oriental Financial Group, Inc. (OFG) 6.0 14.4 14.79 -2.37
Navarre Corporation (NAVR) 6.0 41.9 8.48 0.36
Quicksilver Resources Inc. (KWK) 5.8 12.6 54.30 -1.53

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