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by 4/12/2005 11:01 AM
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We are an hour and a half into the session and the market is still searching for an intraday bottom...

Chart Courtesy of Thomson/ILX

The headlines seem quiet so it looks like run of the mill selling pressure...

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I Am Back

by 4/12/2005 10:30 AM
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As I suspect you have surmised...I am finished with my interview and back to focusing on the market - which has weakened slightly since the open. My immediate focus is on the SMH as it tests the waters below the support we have been following...

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When we last looked at this chart on Friday we noted how the SMH was nearing a short-term resistance zone that was aligned with the 50-day moving average near 33. The semis failed to punch through this resistance and the shares are now back to test the water below short-term support. The SMH dipped below this zone last Monday and we saw brokerage houses defend the group so today's action will be interesting...


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As usual, this table lists stocks that have at least 10 percent of their float sold short and then shows the top ten based on yesterday's gain. The last field shows how the stock is performing in today's session. This can be a useful tool for finding situations where stocks with heavy short interest have begun to move. All returns are shown in percentages.

Note - more information on short interest can be found by by clicking here.

Company Yesterday's
Percent of Float
Sold Short
Northfield Laboratories Inc. (NFLD) 31.6 15.8 15.75 -3.01
China Yuchai International Limited (CYD) 14.5 10.2 12.00 -2.67
Altiris, Inc. (ATRS) 5.1 15.8 19.69 1.88
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGSI) 4.9 11.1 11.18 -3.13
Neurochem Inc (NRMX) 4.7 22.9 11.32 1.77
Greenfield Online, Inc. (SRVY) 4.5 20.0 20.00 -0.25
Swift Transportation Co., Inc. (SWFT) 4.3 34.0 22.41 -0.71
Sears Holding (SHLD) 3.4 21.5 146.96 0.59
Travelzoo Inc (TZOO) 3.4 44.8 46.30 -15.02
Pantry, Inc. (The) (PTRY) 3.4 11.5 28.87 0.10

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For What It Is Worth

by 4/12/2005 9:59 AM
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While I wait for the call I mentioned...Keep an eye on the RUT as it ticks to a new low for 2005....


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At the Open

by 4/12/2005 9:41 AM
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The opening bell has rung and here is what I see...

As expected, we have slightly negative bias in stocks while oil trades failed to hold the uptick we saw earlier as the HUI remains in the range we discussed yesterday...semis are the weakest group and tick ever so slightly below the support we have been watching - after failing to overtake resistance...drug stocks and networkers are also among the weakest...For the most part, the losses are widespread but mild...

Now I need to take a moment to gather some thoughts for an interview with a reporter from Dow Jones - I will be back shortly...


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