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Weekly Options Trader
Weekly Options are one of the most exciting new development in options trading in decades. With weekly options, every week is expiration week. Every weekly option expires just 7 trade days after it becomes available.
  • Straight weekly option calls and puts ONLY
  • Every weekly option expires in just 7 trading days
  • Some "rolling" weekly options that expire in 2-3 weeks or less in order to let profits run
  • Target up to 100% potential gains per trade
30-Day Subscription*
3 Months*
12 Months
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Forbidden for 32 Years...

For 32 years, if you wanted to play a short-term move with options, the shortest time period you could buy was a monthly expiration…

Even if you only needed seven trading days for the move to play out…, you often had to pay for up to 25 trading days in time premium.

Then, in 2005, the Chicago Board Option Exchange (CBOE) offered the first-ever weekly options. Weekly options are issued every Thursday, and they expire the following Friday.

But, despite the huge profit potential these trades pack in just seven trading days or less, very few traders know these weekly options even exist!

That’s because the CBOE offered just two weekly options back in 2005; one on the S&P 500 Index and one on the S&P 100 Index.

Then, in 2010, as part of a special pilot program, options exchanges began issuing additional weekly options on popular stocks, indexes, and ETFs. As a result, the number of weekly options has skyrocketed in recent months.

Today, you can trade weekly options on popular stocks like Apple, General Electric, Amazon, Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft, as well as on indexes such as the S&P 500, the Nasdaq 100 Trust, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. You can also play weekly options on popular ETFs, such as the SPDR Gold Trust and the PowerShares QQQ Trust – just to name a few…

Smart-money traders love the new weekly options, because you can finally match the life of your option play to the length of your forecast. So, if you expect the move to play out in three trading days, you don’t have to pay for 25 trading days of time premium!

Those lower time premiums mean increased leverage. So you can achieve a much bigger bang for your buck with weekly options.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Double Your Money
With Weekly Options in 7 Trading Days Or Less!

Just look at what you get with your Weekly Options Trader subscription:

  • Designed to Deliver Fast Profits for Traders Who Want Results Now. Every single weekly option recommendation targets potential gains of 100% in seven trading days or less!
  • NO Complicated Trading Strategies or Margin Requirements to Manage. Weekly Options Trader keeps it simple, recommending straight weekly option calls and puts ONLY.
  • Exploits the Exploding Popularity of Weekly Options. You can profit from a rapidly expanding list of weekly options, including calls and puts on popular stocks, indexes and ETFs!
  • You Don’t Have to Wait Until the Third Friday of the Month to Profit. With weekly options, every Friday is expiration Friday!
  • Stop Paying for Time Premium You Don’t Need! Take advantage of low-priced weekly options for short-term moves and save a bundle in time premium!
  • With Weekly Options, You’re In and Out in Seven Trading Days or Less. So you don’t have to tie up your trading capital for months waiting for a profit!
  • Playing "Rolling" Weekly Options to Let Profits Run Higher. With your Weekly Options Trader subscription, you'll also get a mix of "rolling" weekly options. They trade just like weekly options, but the only difference is that they usually expire in 2 to 3 weeks, not 7 trading days. This longer expiration can give your move a little more time to play out and let your profits run.
  • You Get a Minimum of Six Chances to Profit Every month. You get a minimum of six weekly option plays every month. Please note that there are no new weekly options created for the week of regular monthly options expiration. Each recommendation will be released as soon as we uncover a great trading opportunity…any day of the week, during market hours.
  • Get Detailed Research on Every Trade. For each new trade, we’ll shoot you an email containing a link to both an easy-to-understand trade recommendation and a trade commentary explaining why we think this recommendation is poised to deliver gains of 100% or more in just seven trading days or less.
  • Every Regular Weekly Option Will Close by Friday. Because weekly options expire seven trading days after they are issued, you’ll receive a second email in seven trading days or less, closing out each position. 
  • Everything You Need to Know to Trade Weekly Options. Your FREE Weekly Options Trader Handbook gives you detailed money management guidelines so you can easily trade weekly options while maximizing your profit potential and minimizing your risk.
  • Your free online trading handbook provides everything you need to successfully trade Weekly Options Trader, including our specific money management guidelines!
  • Schaeffer's "My Account" Command Center. Our online Command Center provides you with unmatched control over your own investing destiny, allowing you to track all of your trades easily online.

Now don’t worry if you’ve never traded weekly options before. There’s nothing complicated about it! Weekly options work just like monthly options; only the symbol and the expiration date (and the low cost!) are different.

With your Weekly Options Trader subscription, you can see for yourself how easy it is to trade weekly expiration options. And you’ll be in and out of every trade in seven trading days or less. Every single one.

Join Weekly Options Trader Today!

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Weekly Options Trader 30-Day Subscription*$149.00

Weekly Options Trader 3 Months*$395.00

Weekly Options Trader 12 Months$1295.00

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Good work on the new website, it is definitely more logical as well as easier on the eye. - J. Sawdy
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