"We follow the advice of the best long term market timer in the world, Bernie Schaeffer. It feels like he is a member of our family. Thanks Bernie." - S. Bevilacqua, CA

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SFO Psychology of Trading Book
Features the top trading psychologists and behavioral economists, including Bernie Schaeffer, presenting effective strategies on developing a winning mindset.
  • Developing a winning trading mindset
  • See Bernie's chapter on sentiment
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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"SFO Personal Investor Series: PSYCHOLOGY OF TRADING" features the top trading psychologists and behavioral economists as they present effective strategies on developing a winning mindset.

And don't miss our very own Bernie Schaeffer's Chapter 18 - "What's the Crowd Thinking." Find out why sentiment is so important when combined with fundamental and technical factors (a methodology we at Schaeffer's call "expectational analysis" for analyzing stocks, sectors, or the market overall).

This book is the most complete collection of insight on trading psychology available today... and it can help make you a better trader.

Backed by scientific inquiry, yet written in the accessible, entertaining style that’s made Stock, Futures & Options magazine so successful, the 5 sections and 28 chapters of “Psychology of Trading” presents a detailed game plan for investors at every level.

You’ll reap the benefits as each trader explains his or her own unique perspective on the importance of managing mind games to reach maximum profitability.

When you order “Personal Investor Series: Psychology of Trading,” you get a compilation of articles from the best and the brightest traders working today.

As one of THE most respected trading journals in circulation, Stock, Futures & Options magazine has put together a resource that we guarantee you will return to again and again.


From the first chapter, through the 28th, each trader addresses, from his or her particular area of expertise, the issue of mental fitness and agility as it affects trading and investment.

We are pleased to be counted in this collection of such high-caliber authors and expert traders.

Just Look What Bounty Is Contained In One Hard-Back Book:
  • Market Wizard Van K. Tharp’s psychological inventory of trading qualities.
  • Technical analyst Christopher Terry on finding your trading niche.
  • Flavia Cymbalista and Desmond MacRae on cracking the psychological code to George Soros’ personal trading philosophy.
  • Toni Turner on simple strategies to overcome common cases of mental block, performance anxiety, and loss remorse.
  • Eminent psychologist Brett N. Steenbarger and investing pro Mark D. Cook on becoming a more resilient trader.
  • New Market Wizard Linda Bradford Raschke’s strategies for maintaining a healthy mindset by keeping good records, developing reliable routines, and conducting thorough research.
  • Ned Gandevani, developer of the Winning Edge system, on how to eliminate not-pulling-the-trigger syndrome.
  • Internationally recognized human development and financial authority Adrienne Laris Toghraie on how having a life beyond trading can help your bottom line.
  • Hong Kong-based investment advisor Philippa Huckle on improving your trading by understanding how people really make investment decisions.
  • John Carter, author of “Mastering the Trade,” on balancing the joys of family with a home trading practice.
  • Securities trader Peter Kaplan on sticking to the right trading plan for you.
  • And, our very own, Bernie Schaeffer, showing you how to use crowd emotion and popular opinions about the market to your advantage.
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