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SFO Online Trading Book
“SFO Personal Investor Series: Online Trading” is a book featuring proven investment strategies from 28 top online trading experts, including Bernie Schaeffer!
  • Experts reveal money-making strategies
  • See Bernie’s chapter on option trading
  • 100% money-back guarantee


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"SFO Personal Investor Series: Online Trading," is a collection for investors of every level. Features proven investment strategies from 28 of the top online trading experts in the industry including Bernie!

Don't miss our own Bernie Schaeffer's Chapter 24 - "A Place for Options in Your Portfolio". Other names include: Lawrence McMillan, George Fontanills, Jon Najarian, David Nassar, John Carter and other top experts in the online trading world.

    • A collection of the best articles from the past six years written by today's smartest, most informed traders
    • Even if you never plan to trade online, the 28 chapters in "Online Trading" are packed with insightful tips that will help you to redefine your trading strategy and learn to check your emotions at the door.
    • "Online Trading" offers an excellent opportunity to compare your tools with those recommended by expert traders and analysts - many of whom were trading long before anything went online.

For years Stock, Futures and Options Magazine has been a major force in providing unbiased, well-researched and thoughtful market analysis to readers.

Discover how you can get started in the online trading of stocks, futures and options, or hone your existing skills. A collection of the best articles from the SFO archives, this first book in the SFO Personal Series features indispensable trading tips, as well as trading wisdom from the masters.

This comprehensive anthology is presented as a hardbound book of over 260 pages and includes:

    • Articles from 28 of the most knowledgeable traders in the industry
    • Fully glossary of trading terms
    • Dozens of charts and graphs
    • Full index to assist you in finding pertinent topics of interest

Online Trading has unlocked the secrets of the trading floor for budding investors worldwide. It has leveled the playing field among market participants, and more people are making money in the financial markets than ever before.

SFO has published some of the most successful traders and market analysts in the field today. With this book, SFO has done the 'clip-and-save' for you by selecting the best articles from SFO over the past six years.

You'll find practical advice like how to set up your home office with the right equipment, how to develop a solid trading plan and how to incorporate technical analysis into your trading decisions.


Chapter 1 Making Online Trading Work for you,
  By Linda Bradford Raschke
Chapter 2 Trading Electronically from A to Z,
  By Jim Kharouf
Chapter 3 Taming the Technical Beast: How to Deal Proactively with Computer-Age Challenges.
  By John Carter
Chapter 4 How My Worst Trade Ever Turned Me into a Better Trader
  By John Carter

Chapter 5 Face Up to Risk: Create a Plan to Avoid Decisive Losses,
  By John Yackley
Chapter 6 Lessons from the Trading Floor: Translating Floor-Trading Emotion into Screen-Based Trading,
  By Sam Seiden
Chapter 7 How to Spot Winning Stocks before They Make Big Moves,
  By William O'Neill
Chapter 8 The Voices of Volume,
  By Toni Turner
Chapter 9 Do Seasons Matter in the Financial Markets?
  By Jerry Toepke
Chapter 10 Why the Minis Make Sense,
  By Catherine Shalen
Chapter 11 It's Where You Cash Out That Counts,
  By Jon Najarian
Chapter 12 Fundamentally Speaking, Again,
  By Philip Gottheif
Chapter 13 Time for a Trading Tune Up? Maybe Its Time to Incorporate Charts,
  By Michael Kahn

Chapter 14 Placing Electronic Orders: Get Up to Speed,
  By Toni Hansen
Chapter 15 Trading Tools: What You Need to Succeed,
  By Jim Kharouf
Chapter 16 Join the 21st Century: Investors Better Served With Electronic Order Entry,
  By David Nassar
Chapter 17 Harvest Time Is Coming: Spread the Future,
  By Phil Tiger
Chapter 18 Know When to Get Out: 12 Rules for Selling Stocks,
  By Thomas Bulkowski

Chapter 19 Making the Most of Mechanical System Trading
  By Nigel Bahadur
Chapter 20 Boost Your Trading Returns by Diversifying Your Systems
  By John Hill & George Pruitt
Chapter 21 Make It a Winner: Develop Your Own Trading System,
  By Steven Landis & Mark Pankin
Chapter 22 Face the Day Armed with a System
  By John Carter
Chapter 23 Developing My First Trading System:  A Cautionary Table of Hubris, Humility and Hope
  By David Silverman

Chapter 24 A Place for Options in Your Portfolio?
  By Bernie Schaeffer
Chapter 25 Reduce Risk with Bull and Bear Options Spreads
  By Lawrence McMillan
Chapter 26 Exploit Market Volatility with Options,
  By George Fontanills & Frederic Ruffy
Chapter 27 Common Mistakes of the Options Trader,
  By Lawrence McMillan

Chapter 28 The Seven Deadly Sins of Trading,
  By Boris Schlossberg

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