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Schaeffer's Market Recap
At the end of every day, Bernie Schaeffer and his staff review the day’s activity in detail, covering major events and key market developments. 
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FREE!Schaeffer's Market Recap: A lot can happen in the market in 6.5 hours. At the end of EVERY market day, Bernie Schaeffer and his research staff review the trading day in detail, covering major events and key market developments. Don't miss this critical recap of the trading day! Even if you have been away from the market, you'll never miss a beat.  

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Bernie and his staff watch the market tick-by-tick, using software and computational tools to interpret the market data and determine the best trading opportunities. - B. A. Morris
I am now investing some real money in the Powerflex series because I, to some healthy extent, believe and trust the Schaeffer method. Something not easy to say after being shelled by a full service broker in the after 2000 debacle. Keep up the good work. - R. Coble
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