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A Woman's Guide to Investing
This guide will help women establish and secure their personal investment success! Encourages women to take control of their money and become confident investors. 
  • Introduction to the basics of investing
  • Plan for the present and future
  • 100% money-back guarantee


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A Women's Guide to Investing

This is "THE GUIDE" to provide you with ALL the information you need to make your investment decisions with confidence and ease. The guide includes extensive investment and financial information for the woman who is just starting out, for the woman in the prime of her career, and for the woman nearing retirement.

    Options Learning

Each year, more and more women are climbing the corporate ranks, building individual investments and becoming financially independent.

This guide will help women establish and secure their personal investment success!

      • The PERFECT place to start your investment independence.
      • Deals specifically with women's investment needs

      • Build your confidence for understanding essential financial topics

      • Plan effectively for your present and future financial security

      • This book will serve as critical investment reference material

      • The handy Glossary enables you to immediately verify a definition and trace it directly back to the content of the book for still more information


I'm Bernie Schaeffer and I've been investing in the market for over 30 years now. My wife has been a critical partner in my success. As a couple, we've built our financial success together. And I have 3 daughters who need to learn how to build wealth in the future.

Like me, you may be an experienced male investor with a daughter, mother, wife, or other loved one who should know more about investing and planning for her financial future.

On the other hand, you may already be a savvy female investor who has women friends or relatives who need a quick and easy way to learn the ins and outs of investing for themselves.

Please consider buying a copy for a woman in your life. It's a great way to share this knowledge of investing with someone else!

Develop the Basics for
Financial Independence

Learn how to establish and build your financial security.

Written from a woman's perspective - this book is by women for women. Learn how to develop your own financial plan, how to choose an investment advisor, how to manage risk, diversify your investments and how to plan for the unexpected. This text is the perfect introduction to the basics of investing for a secure investment future.

 The Perfect Reference Guide To Personal Investment Topics Relative To Women Can Now Be Found In One Place

Being informed and prepared to make key investment decisions will be easier with the knowledge this guide offers. Plus, the cross reference guide allows you to search by keywords. The simplicity of this guide will make it an invaluable tool - filled with answers to your investment questions.

If you are just starting out - this guide will take you step by step through the process of establishing a good financial future - TODAY!

Understand the need to build good credit and learn how to do it. Learn how to plan your financial goals be it saving for college, a car, perhaps buying a house. Questions dealing with everything from Life Insurance to Banking are answered right here.

We at Schaeffer's were particularly impressed with the "Basics of Investment" section. In a nut shell you can read the preliminaries of investing success from money management to stock definitions.

Learn How To Prepare For And Deal With The Unexpected

By planning for the unexpected, you are able to better deal with the moment. Everything from the death of a spouse, loss of a job, divorce, or fraud are covered. Even a special section on taxes and the IRS will help you avoid potential tax issues.


      • The New Reality
      • Introduction To Investing
      • Principles Of Planning
      • Working With Advisors
      • Introduction To Insurance
      • Planning For The Expected
      • Coping With The Unexpected
      • Glossary And Index

This book is copyrighted 2005 and will be a GREAT ADDITION to your investment library collection.  This book will be a perfect gift for the women in your life.

Order Your Copy Today!

A Woman's Guide to Investing $15.95

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